Immediate action to break the loop

Jo bhi karna hai abhi karo, Abhi nahi to kabhi nahi  || ~Osho

Doing things which our mind tells us :
*to put-off
*they are difficult

brings satisfaction and builds self- confidence. 

The only way we can break the procrastination chain or the habit of postponing things is by taking immediate action . Act in the present. Move an inch but move, it will acts as a Glucon-D or Sona Chaandi Chyavan Praash for the mind-body-heart. 

‘Kyuki VartMaan hee sabse bada ShaktiMaan Hai ‘


5 thoughts on “Immediate action to break the loop

    1. Actions give momentum to ideas, otherwise ideas stored in the mind for long get coated with fear and they start dying. Only action keeps them alive. (No matter how tiny it may be)

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  1. True !
    I am better on this.
    One more think can help. Don’t attached with results . If we are least effected by result be it a good or bad. Than we flow with doing and look at doing without being doer. Just spectator !
    Detached our self from doership.

    Than fear evaporates, life is fun !


    1. Glad to know this. Hmm…the clarity of outcome is important, however, it’s equally important to focus on the journey..the process..the intermediate steps. Shukriya! Keep shining!

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