Being festive in the ordinary

Tonight, on the dining table, my eyes stopped on Prabhash : A proud I.I.Tian, cricket lover and a fighter.

He can’t lift his hands and has difficulty in walking straight. He has to bend forward to push his legs move. Amidst such challenges, he faces each day like a warrior and comes out as a  champion.

While eating, my eyes stopped at him. His friend and care taker was feeding him rice with his own hands and Prabhash was eating joyously. There was peace on his face.

At that very moment, I felt deeply grateful for everything. I looked at my hands affectionately. I even whispered ‘thank you’ to my legs.
I realised that being festive in the ordinary is L.I.F.E.

Being thankful for the little things magnifies our perception and enhances our attitude/ ability in handling failures.


5 thoughts on “Being festive in the ordinary

  1. Heartfelt, wonderfully expressed observation. I have a friend of many years who is physically and mentally challenged, certainly not to the extent you describe of Prabhash, but enough that his life has been a struggle. He is a warrior also, just staying out of institutions and fighting to procure a pension so he could live safely and simply on his own, in his own rented place. An observer, he wanted to write but had neither the education nor the words, so with me as his word provider and typist, he wrote his poems and now has several books on sale at Amazon. He taught himself to use Corel PhotoPaint and designed all of his own covers. These are the real heroes of mankind; the real teachers, if we are willing to see them.

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    1. Absoultely Sha…a dreamer has no limits, no boundries. It’s all in the mind. And such souls validate the idea of ‘thoughts+faith = things’
      We can derive inspiration from them but the question is are we willing to? Because for that we need learn to move out of our circle of petty issues and learn to observe and contemplate, which, I think gets simple once we believe it in the mind.

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