Death and life

My whole being shivered internally as the thought of ‘death’ progressed through nervous system.

I remembered my grand mother (we call her baby aaji)  who is the only eldest member left in our family from my father’s side. And by God’s grace she is healthy and happy being.  I felt fortunate to recieve all her love and care.

I remembered all the old souls from our family who left the planet. The memory of the beautiful time I spent with them ran through my mental screen.

We think, do and accumulate so many things/issues and then one day we just vanish! I felt hollow from inside. Suddenly, all the obstacles associated with the things I’m currently working on turned insignificant.

The more we remember death, the deeper we live every moment.

As I sleep, I bow down in deep gratitude for this moment..for this life..for this breath.


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