How I want to get married

Marriage to me has never been about inviting thousands of people in a hall and make their stomachs over filled with hundreds of different dishes!

The concept of royal weddings has never been part of my bucket list.Instead, I’ve a very frugal and minimalist picture of getting married.

I dream of getting married in a natural atmosphere; on a bank of river, under the blue sky – feeling the vibrations of Mantras and the blessings of people [very few] who matter most.

I dream of a marriage which begins with the sun rise and gets completed in an hour or two so that we all can enjoy breakfast and lunch together at a proper time. [No compromise when it comes to khaana 😛.]

I dream of a collective meditation [silence] and Satsang [communicating with each other, taking suggestions from elders, listening to young ones, sharing stories and laughters together] at the end of the marriage in the laps of mother nature.

I dream of sitting on a carpet of grass [even chataayi will also do] and eating healthy bhojan jise kele ke patto par parosaa ho with the closed ones together.

I dream of a marriage which rejuvenates, refreshens and energizes every individual instead of making it a hectic, tiring and energy draining experience.


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