Love anyway

Love is my only capacity and I’m very creatively upfront in expressing love towards people.

Though there have been moments when, inspite of sending continuous waves of love and care the person on the receiving end didn’t reciprocated with the same warmth and affection.

Earlier, it used to disturb me internally and it still does, however, now the intensity of inner turbulence has reduced. May be because my understanding about love has grown.

I’ve learned that love doesn’t have to be both ways always. And if it’s one way it doesn’t mean that we keep the shutter down of our heart. We can still choose to send love (it takes courage) invisibly in the form of prayers.

I’ve learned to step back silently not just because the other person didn’t loved back but because my love is precious and I can’t afford to share it publicly with those who don’t value.

I’ve learned to protect and value my love and care and transmit it in meditation and prayer to those who never had time to relish the warmth of it.

I’ve learned to be invisible so as to create least disturbance in the lives of people who didn’t have time for us..always in rush.

I’m deeply grateful to people who didn’t loved me, because they’ve actually helped me to grow in love.


7 thoughts on “Love anyway

  1. Ah the twisted, pain-filled, confusing paths people take in following love. Love’s great weakness, and why it has never worked, is because, as you have discovered, it is reciprocal. Sooner or later, love DEMANDS reciprocity, or it refuses to continue flowing in that non-reciprocal direction. That’s a terrible weakness, and it is an error. Love is a placebo. It is but an image, a poor reflection, of compassion. Leave love, enter compassion. From now on, no more need for reciprocity. Compassion always flows out, and it has no needs. This I have discovered, and this I have worked with when, years ago, I discovered that love simply does not work… unless you’re into exclusive relationships, selling Valentine Day cards or frilly underwear from “The Love Boutique” 🙂 Unlike love, compassion is totally inclusive, and it never stops flowing for it expects nothing in return. Just something to think about.

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    1. Dear Sha..
      My love is raw and ordinary, it is learning to love anyway without creating disturbance in the silence of others. I’ve to still experience and learn about compassion and how it’s different from love.


      1. Good morning (from here!) Amrita. This thing about love versus compassion, well not many people get it, and it took me about twenty years to figure it out and make the switch from expressing myself through the one and into the other. Love’s weaknesses are many. One: reciprocal – it needs return love in some form to continue. Two: it’s conditional, even when people talk of unconditional love, that does not work. Three: it’s emotional, and that may be its greatest failing. Anything done on the emotional level is, by its very nature, unreliable and temporary. Emotions arise, then die; or, they morph into other emotions, and they are outside the person’s control. That’s the whole point of emotion, why they are sought after: they lie outside self-control and responsibility. “Crime of passion” is an emotional thing, as is “falling in love.” It’s irrational. I compare emotions to exhaust fumes: they arise inevitably but I can’t suck on them – it’s waste fuel and poisonous.
        By comparison, compassion is totally rational – won’t work unless it is chosen, decided upon through serious mind work. Once it is established, it begins to work to change the person who takes it on. It leads to self-empowerment, new certainty about life, supports unfailingly when everything screams despair and hopelessness, is a voice of personal truth in the midst of lies, opens the path to joy and sorrow, gives peace in any personal circumstance and points to infinity. I think of love and compassion this way: love is the scaffolding you use to build your house; compassion is the house. Once the house is built, or at least habitable, no need for the scaffolding any longer. Enjoy the day.

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  2. it’s a wise saying..I’m deeply grateful to people who didn’t loved me, because they’ve actually helped me to grow in love.”
    just believe that those people won’t deserve your love..

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    1. Dear Akhila,

      May be you are right. However, I also believe that ‘they’ deserve to be loved deeply from some other being. And my heart prays for them 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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