Breathe Yes

If there is NO in your thoughts, then things will not manifest even though there is YES in your actions. Check out your thoughts before you take out the first step. Breathe ‘YES’


Let’s not push, just turn around

If we have a white paint ka dabba and we add ek chutki black paint, what will happen?

Will the colour change?

If we add ek muutthii black paint into it, will the colour change? Yes, a little bit, white will not be white then!

Then how to retrieve the white colour?

We can’t extract the black from the white, however, we can surely add more white to it. Add double muutthii white paint to the mixture then!

Kehne ka arth ye hai – We can’t get rid of the negative (black), however, we can add more positive (white)  into our lives!

Let’s not waste time in pushing out the negative (thoughts, people, circumstances), instead turn our face towards things which bring/radiate positive vibrations in our lives (thoughts/people/hobbies/work/projects).

Personal Philosophies I live by

Sharing with you the personal philosophy I live by :

  1. My life, my responsibility : I take complete responsibility of my life. I’m responsible for the environment inside and outside of me and no one else. The mess, misery, bliss, beauty, rain, clouds, drought, sunshine, storm, failure, success, mistakes, offense, disturbance, peace, turbulence, silence, life, death, disease, well-being, connection, disconnection, tears, joy, scarcity, abundance etc I am the chauki-daar and the mother of my life. I’m totally responsible of what, how and where I’m at any moment.No one else.  
  2. Compassion is my caller tone : It’s my responsibility (not duty) to take care of every living entity I’m surrounded by – the trees, birds, sky, grass, pebbles (they do whisper), insects, animals and human beings. Let the ant crawl over my book, let the cat stare at me and let the dog do stretching before me. I know that I can figure out ways by which they can be placed safely, and treated in a better way.
  3. Ann hey Poorna BrahmI take what I can consume. Every grain is equal to life energy and I take utmost care of each and every bite which goes in, in the form of HIS blessings.
  4. Cleansing the system : Taking out time [1 hr] for physical fitness [Yoga/Gym], mental well being [silence] and reading stuff which nourishes the soul daily.
  5. Living with my art : I’ll keep writing [blog/stories/research articles/books], Clicking [photography] and making [videos/documentaries] through out my entire life. I’ll live with the art till my last breath.
  6. Caress my inner circle : Take utmost care of people [in family, friends and faculties] who matter most to me. Do whatever it takes for their happiness and well being and give up my life for them.
  7. No assumptions, only conversations : I believe in straight conversations, no matter how difficult they may appear. Speaking directly to the person concerned simplifies the matter.
  8. Listen and only listen first : I don’t jump onto fixing the effect. Listen [not only others but me too] deeply about what is bothering and why it is bothering. The cause matters to me, not the effect. I’m willing to learn and understand the reasons beneath the emergence of symptoms instead of quickly labeling disease based certain symptoms.
  9. Help, when asked : No free Gyaan from my side. No free service. Those who really think that I can contribute something will ask for it.
  10. Stepping back once done : I love the whole process of drafting, making and working on a certain project and once done I hand it over to HIM and step back.
  11. Take that which resonates : All the religions point towards the same direction, however, I don’t follow each and every word of the scriptures. I just take which resonates with my inner and leave the rest.

With time new philosophies will evolve, will keep updating them. I would love to know your philosophies too!

Noticing the unusual self

Notice moments when you are not yourself. Know, understand the quality of thought patterns behind not being into your usual self!

May be the thought is blended with fear or anxiety of leaving an impression or unwilling attitude or doing the chaaploosi. The more we focus the cause, the effect gets healed and improved.

The 8 letter word

The 4 letter word LOVE is always tied to the 8 letter word – PRIORITY.

Whatever we love [Name, place, animal, thing] no matter what, we manage to take out time for it. [No alternate MWF or TTS type thing then].

Priority = ♥ = Time

No Priority = No ♡ =  Time gaya Bhaad mein

Have you ignored or avoided things / people/ activities !Why? Because they were not on your super hit tracks list at that time. [List can change ];-)

Similarly, have you ever been ignored and avoided by others? Yes, we all have been, somewhere, sometimes. It’s an indication that we are either way behind in their songs list or we don’t exist in their list!

Let’s check our super  priority ki list [things/people/activities/daily chores]. And also observe, are you (and me) part of their list  whom you’ve included in yours and vice versa. Because love can’t be forced! But yes, with time people and relationships evolve 🙂


What’s your mode – A simple check out!

When there’s no clarity, there occurs whole lot of ‘Chutiyaapaa’.

However, it’s equally true that without going through the fog of ‘chutiyaapaa’  we never happen  to meet up with the things which add real ‘Chaskaa’  [ hobbies, goals, work – not for showing off but to show in] and ‘adrak ki chaay jaisi chuski’‘ [genuine deewaana bana de type people ] in our lives.

So, check out your mode now. If there’s crystal clear clarity – ‘say thank you’ and if there’s is traffic of clutter and chutiyaapaa – ‘stay calm, keep an eye on green lights and keep moving through the tunnel!

What makes the temple dirty and how to keep it clean

Our  mind is a temple and it’s our top most priority to keep it clean.

What makes a temple dirty is the initial step (before we step onto Jhaadu Pochaa maaro !)

Like, one of my most wonderful friend and Coach Sukhi Sir (he hates the word Sirr :P) says, ‘Everyone talks about changing the effect. No one talks about the cause!’ So, we’ll become the rarest species 😉 and  emphasize on the ’cause’ 😀

So, what makes the temple dirty? 

We know the simple maths, that –

Thoughts + faith = Things. Things are created when thoughts are clubbed with the tonic of faith. But thoughts are backed up by emotions (good emotions & bad emotions). So, when the mind is filled with ‘bad’ emos, any thought entertained by the mind results in negative direction.

Meaning, our mind, the Temple is dirty.

Which means, mind is corrupted with the dirt of hatred, anxiety, fear, worry, anger, jealousy, doubt etc.

How to clean it ?  

The mental corruption is cleaned by sowing seeds of love, ONLY love <3. Love yourself, love people around you with all your heart and love life. Love cleanses the internal system, it melts away all that is rigid in us. Bless every being which crosses by, send loving vibrations to the tiny pebble sitting across the road, say thank you to the sunshine!

What happens when the temple is clean ? We feel connected with the creator (Call it GOD!)  24*7. High speed wi-fi  😀 . We talk with the source (GOD) through our thoughts. Because GOD lives in a clean Temple.

And with HIM, we’ll never feel alone.

Then we’ll never ask for anything from HIM, because we’ll know that things will be offered at right times.

#Note : Based on the discussion we had one our Mastermind Alliance (watsapp) group. Special thanks to Sukhi Coach.