2015 : 2 lessons learned

An epic failure and mistake is an opportunity to zoom the e-PicTure and reflect on the lessons.

This year, I did many mistakes and failed terribly while executing the projects, plans and promises. However, they taught me 2 big lessons.

1. No one is busy. [Parents kaise time nikaalte hain kabhi bhi – kahin bhi – kaise bhi ]. It’s just that we all have different priority lists. If someone doesn’t finds time for us it indicates that we are not their top priorities. And in that case, the best thing we could offer them is the least disturbance and interference of our presence in their life.

2. Words are magnetically charged packets.The quality of words we use decides the quality of life experiences we attract in our lives.[I’m happy, I want to travel Australia, I want to fall in love, I want to master photography, I want to write research articles etc]

Would love to know your lessons.


10 thoughts on “2015 : 2 lessons learned

  1. I have to admire your (and Rosaliene’s) ability to so clearly identify lessons for yourselves. I seem to exist in a constant “quagmire” of lessons, each one more or less grabbed on the fly, some sticking, some lost, only to return with a vengeance demanding closure where there is none. Life is nothing, if not lessons, and each one, it seems, terminates in “more” and “less”! Love more, care more, be less selfish, give more, sacrifice (time and money) more, hesitate less, be more honest, take more risks when offering help; dare more when thinking about your own future, as beyond this body life. In all of those demands, I focus on living within a compassionate lifestyle. I’m thinking that if one is compassionate, really so, or at least chooses that path day in, day out, then the rest will fall into place, and if it does not, maybe it doesn’t matter. OK, let’s see if I can put it down succinctly: bottom line, lesson #1: use your own spiritual, mental and physical resources wisely and integratively (Is that a world? Probably not) What I mean is, with integrity and also by integrating them, not relying more on one than the other. Holistic living, perhaps?

    Ah well, happy new year… and Amrita, you still haven’t given me a translation for that line I asked about 🙂 and I need to know what language you write in so I can maybe use the translators properly. Maybe I should just move to India and learn Hindi. I hate to travel, and I probably never will, but if I did, it would be a permanent move, and India would be my choice. Don’t ask why, I don’t even know, but I know it’s where I would want to “end up.”

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    1. Dear ShaTara,
      I loved your philosophy of compassion. I use ‘Hindi’ in between. I’ve given you my view on your question about ‘who’s is the God’ ..Travel wherever you want to. Because home is where the heart is. I’ll try to provide translations in English wherever required.

      Thanks…take care

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      1. I’ve mentioned the translation. I’ll re-write it here : ‘God never leaves us, it’s we who get angry and annoyed with HIM. It’ we who leave HIM. HE is always there with us.


    2. Sha’Tara, thanks for sharing your philosophy of living. I believe that the constant “quagmire” of lessons that you mentioned comes with stillness, self-awareness, and connectivity. I share your observation that “life is nothing, if not lessons…” We either learn or we continue to make the same mistakes.


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