Sharing with you some recent observations :

While going to attend weddings, people use their mind nichod nichod ke to remember what they’ve been given by the family jinke yahaan shaadi hai to them jab unke yahan shaadi thi and then the kharche ki range is decided of the gift to be purchased.


When birthday is celebrated, the quality of treat is proportional to the amount of gifts gifted.


When people help instead of andar se mann maar  rahe ho, just because unki madadd  ke liye varna kaun log daudenge.


When people give things for free not because they want to, but because they think log unkaa naam zor zor se gun-gunaayenge log pehchaanenge.


I’ve unlearned one thing that never ask – ‘What should I give’ in the first place.’

First enquire –  ‘Why I want to help? What’s my intention behind giving? What’s my hidden agenda behind giving things away for free?’

Because things are first created in our minds. And whatever we create in our minds goes out in the world in the form of vibrations which sooner or later echoes back to us! So, a healthy intention comes first over a helping hand.


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