2015 Review : 24 Good things I experienced this year

Sharing with you 24 good things that I experienced this year.

1. Dropped 10 kgs [From 65 to 55] in a zen ishtyle ! And it feels so walk naa halke halke types 😀











2. Improved relations with my PhD supervisor. Learned a lot from him.

3. Cultivated friendly bonding with one of the Professor. [Mam]. It’s a blessing!

4. Hugged trees tightly, ekdam zorr se ! ♥

5. Stopped, kissed flowers, lip to lip :-*

6. Caressed grass, felt the nashilaa touch of dew drops on its surface.

7. Witnessed sunrise almost everyday. [Got up subah savere].

8. Showed super like vala thumbs-up to the moon while running [for witnessing my growth].







9. Identified sapt-rishi pattern of stars.

10. Bowed down in deep gratitude under the sky. Saashtaang-dand-vatt.







11. Wrote gratitude letters to parents.

12. Developed the habit of running almost daily. [Can run 4 kms in a one go now! Yeah :-)]

13.Sat in silence with nature. Meditated with birds early morning. Yo! [And continue to do it daily].








14. Fell in love with the art of  photography again. [true vaalaa ].Moved from point shoot to DSLR.

Flower family selfie
Flower family selfie







15. Read atleast one book per month [on fitness, spirituality, mental well being and fiction] Prepared notes. Learned and inculcated key things in lifestyle.

16. Discovered kaminii dost ! Whoaaa! 😉 Truely a blessing.

17. Made good use of Watsapp in self-development and learning by joining Mastermind alliance group. Amazing team of people.Thanks so much everyone!

18. Bought a pair of a good running shoes. All thanks to Shruti!







19. Only took what I could consume in my khaane ki thaali !

20. Reduction in intensity of Chutzpah, chuugli & increment in minding my own bijinesss and in exploring the creative side of me!

21. Wrote 440+ blog posts.Connected with wonderful blogger friends. Amazing!

22. Explored few parts of Rajasthan.

Ummed Palace














23. Wrote a small e-book.

24. Registered for 6K marathon. [My solo yearly goal, feb 2016 mein bhaagungii]

This year I did very simple and ordinary things. And felt them deeply. And I would continue to do so in the years to come. Thanks for dropping by. I would love to know about your year review.


6 thoughts on “2015 Review : 24 Good things I experienced this year

  1. Dear Nishthur,

    First of all thanks so much for all your time in reading, appreciating and posting your valuable comments on various posts.

    Nothing comes easy! And the list you are seeing is like a small dot in the whole circle. I’ve faced epic failures, procrastinated and slipped back to old ‘junk’ habits many times. I wanted to do all these things from last 5-6 years, however due to random execution of plans, weak will power and inability to handle ‘so many to do’s’ (not enough maturity, not learned the basic skills, weak foundation) I could not continue long with ‘good habits’ With time I’ve learned and still a lot to learn.

    I’m a beginner [so not eligible for giving you tips] but would give you a friendly suggestion – ‘CHOOSE ONLY ONE THING (like writing, reading, gym, painting, cooking, planting, coding etc). BE VERY VERY SPECIFIC IN SETTING A SOLO GOAL. AND DO THAT ONE THING VERY VERY WELL FOR THE NEXT 365 DAYS (even you do it for 2 minutes), CONTINUITY MATTERS.

    Hope it will help. Thanks so very much again.



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