Let’s not push, just turn around

If we have a white paint ka dabba and we add ek chutki black paint, what will happen?

Will the colour change?

If we add ek muutthii black paint into it, will the colour change? Yes, a little bit, white will not be white then!

Then how to retrieve the white colour?

We can’t extract the black from the white, however, we can surely add more white to it. Add double muutthii white paint to the mixture then!

Kehne ka arth ye hai – We can’t get rid of the negative (black), however, we can add more positive (white)  into our lives!

Let’s not waste time in pushing out the negative (thoughts, people, circumstances), instead turn our face towards things which bring/radiate positive vibrations in our lives (thoughts/people/hobbies/work/projects).


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