The 8 letter word

The 4 letter word LOVE is always tied to the 8 letter word – PRIORITY.

Whatever we love [Name, place, animal, thing] no matter what, we manage to take out time for it. [No alternate MWF or TTS type thing then].

Priority = ♥ = Time

No Priority = No ♡ =  Time gaya Bhaad mein

Have you ignored or avoided things / people/ activities !Why? Because they were not on your super hit tracks list at that time. [List can change ];-)

Similarly, have you ever been ignored and avoided by others? Yes, we all have been, somewhere, sometimes. It’s an indication that we are either way behind in their songs list or we don’t exist in their list!

Let’s check our super  priority ki list [things/people/activities/daily chores]. And also observe, are you (and me) part of their list  whom you’ve included in yours and vice versa. Because love can’t be forced! But yes, with time people and relationships evolve 🙂



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