Fundamental lesson

‘Be a sincere follower of your intuitions. Never doubt them. Never ignore them. Never ever take the intuitive signals for granted, instead use them as a lamp to guide you along the path.’

One of the most fundamental lesson learned.


Work on working

Work speaks volumes about us.

We don’t have to explain it to every one about what we are upto, about our dreams, plans and immediate goals!

We just need to direct our focus and energy towards what we intend to experience in life. And the rest will be taken care of.

Shallowness in moments

Our mind is constantly on a look out to project our ‘so called good self’ and the funny thing about playing this game is – every cell of our being, each subatom in us knows that we are behaving unnatural.

Our inner knows it that we are coating our outerselves artificially with things/qualities which are not flowing naturally within us at that moment – when we chose to impinge the intention of leaving an impression.

I’ve been through such emotions earlier manytimes and I still get carried away with it sometimes. However, with time the urge to impress has slowed down.

Now a days, whenever my mind sends such impulsive thoughts I consciously choose to remain silent and step back gently. Because, I’ve realised that being natural to myself and others brings a sense of serenity inside and outside me. And being fake creates disturbance inside me.

Where there is an urge to impress, there is shallowness in life.