Shallowness in moments

Our mind is constantly on a look out to project our ‘so called good self’ and the funny thing about playing this game is – every cell of our being, each subatom in us knows that we are behaving unnatural.

Our inner knows it that we are coating our outerselves artificially with things/qualities which are not flowing naturally within us at that moment – when we chose to impinge the intention of leaving an impression.

I’ve been through such emotions earlier manytimes and I still get carried away with it sometimes. However, with time the urge to impress has slowed down.

Now a days, whenever my mind sends such impulsive thoughts I consciously choose to remain silent and step back gently. Because, I’ve realised that being natural to myself and others brings a sense of serenity inside and outside me. And being fake creates disturbance inside me.

Where there is an urge to impress, there is shallowness in life.

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