I seek forgiveness

I’m more thankful to people who said NO and to those who didn’t believed in me. Because due to them I learned to resolve things on my own and stood up with a sense of self-belief.

Equally, I seek forgiveness from God for those moments when I discouraged and criticised other being.

Why we think what others think of us?

Why we bother about what others think of us?

To prove to the world that we are intelligent, different, creative, incredible, special instead of a dumb and a stupid fool.

The continuous chain of ‘trying to prove’ something or the other to our parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, teachers, friends, girl friend, boy friend and neighbors makes us concerned too much about our ‘good looking’ image.

And projecting ‘nice image’ becomes a habit then.’

In short, we think what others think about ourselves when we don’t find time to think about our own-selves; when we don’t direct our energy, time and thoughts in shaping our lives we end up revolving our life around the centers of people around us.

A crystal clear goal when missed from life (at present) turns our mind towards making speculations and going concerned about what ‘they’ think of us at every step.

Things I would suggest to my younger self on my birthday

I completed my 26 27 years on the Mother Earth today!


And if I’ve to suggest 4 things to my younger self it would be –

  1. 1. Take utmost care of your body. Exercise, play, swim, walk, run, go to gym etc. Explore as much physical activities as possible, because your body is like a peel which protects the sweetness of fruit. And learn to listen to your stomach, it speaks to you on a regular basis. It’s just that you take it for granted
  2. Be available to your ‘100% own self’ for couple of minutes every day. Set aside phone, Internet, family, friends, books, to do lists, appointments, shopping and other daily chores for couple of minutes (usually 15 mins) and just sit in silence close to nature. This daily ‘me time’ acts as a internal cleansing system.
  3. Do one thing for the whole year. Set a yearly goal. And do it regularly, every day, continuously for the next 365 days. Start small, but be continuous. It’ll help you to surpass your old ‘limited self’ and encourage you to open up to newer possibilities.
  4. Invest in relationships. Cultivate a strong bonding of love, peace, playfulness with fewer people in your life. Take time to make them feel special about themselves. Help them further their dreams in life. Encourage them to go beyond fears and experience the adventurous aspect of life. Be incredibly creative in expressing your thankfulness towards them. And don’t ever forget to add a flavor of humor and laughter in your conversations.

On my birthday, I feel so humbled and grateful to be able to share my being with you. Thanks so much!