What are you reading?

These days I’m listening to Sadhguru – the mystic and spiritual master. Just ordered his small book – The three truths of well being.

What are you guys listening or reading these days? I would love to know about it!


Why we are jealous?

Why we are jealous?

We don’t love ourselves.
We feel unpleasant about life events.
We regret our life decisions.

When we constantly abuse ourselves. Enlarging our weaknesses and mistakes   results in low self-image.

A low self image person finds others life as perfect, successful  and struggle free which creates suffering and jealousy.

Engage and elevate

Listen carefully, with full attention (no cell phones in btwn please) to each others dreams, passions, hobbies. Note them in your journal.

Take every possible action (no matter how incredibly small it may appear)  to encourage, appreciate and engage the other in growing in his/her art.

And slowly, you will witness an  elevation in the heart connectivity between two of you.

Listen to your parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, uncle, aunty, teacher, friend, colleague etc. Set a conversation with whom you want to improve your relationship. Invest a little time in furthering their dreams or goals every day. And you will feel the fragrance of love between you.