Conversation with the master


When I was coming with Prof  in an auto she asked me about my visit to Barefoot college with my research colleagues and Advisor. I replied, it was good but very tiring. Then she politely said, take it as an experience Amrita.

After a pause she said, wherever you visit to demonstrate or share things you are working on you should write a paper/ submit in conference proceedings. She gave examples of her Bishnoi project and the recent village visit (of which I was also a part).

Then I told her, that we only demonstrated our Advisor’s work. Again she has a brilliant answer to it. She said, there would be something which your advisor has left – there would be something which you can add to it and propose a written manuscript in reputed journals.

With a firm voice she said, see in PhD  – ‘YOU SHOULD BE VERY FOCUSSED.’  I nodded my head in affirmation.

Every conversation with her becomes a learning experience for me. I can’t explain how grateful I feel for the connection with her. Simply amazing!


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