Dinner with the Master

27 Oct 2015.

Today, had a beautiful day with Prof.. In the morning we’d tea in the canteen and dinner in the evening at Gypsy.

On the dinner table we discussed about research, relationship with the Guide, importance of focus and clarity in PhD. Even Mam told me that we’ll move out in the night for clicking night scenic beauty. I’m a big fan of her observation skills.

I expressed how this white-blue kurti salwar combination she’s wearing suits her and even mentioned that she looks beautiful in pink. Appreciation brings joy and I could sense that glow on her face.
While coming to the hostel, in the auto, she told me how thankful she’s to me for the Ajmer raksha sootra because every time the color of the sootra fades she visits Ajmer and gets a new one. This time she didn’t got the time to go and while she was thinking this..new sootra  reached her through my channel. I felt deeply humbled at that moment. And realized the power of love and connection.

While entering into the GPRA gate we saw (colleague) M… and E… E passed smile to me while M chose to look down. I didn’t noticed M’s behavior but Mam noticed it. She asked me why she behaved like that. I said, she’s is strange and unpredictable sometimes. 😀 We’d a big laugh.

While going to the room, I said good night and thanked mam for such a nice time and for the dinner as well.

Take away :
1. Be extremely focused in PhD.
2. Make connections. Deeper connections with few people rather than creating surface contacts. Quality matters!
3. Laugh out loud.

Conversation with the master


When I was coming with Prof  in an auto she asked me about my visit to Barefoot college with my research colleagues and Advisor. I replied, it was good but very tiring. Then she politely said, take it as an experience Amrita.

After a pause she said, wherever you visit to demonstrate or share things you are working on you should write a paper/ submit in conference proceedings. She gave examples of her Bishnoi project and the recent village visit (of which I was also a part).

Then I told her, that we only demonstrated our Advisor’s work. Again she has a brilliant answer to it. She said, there would be something which your advisor has left – there would be something which you can add to it and propose a written manuscript in reputed journals.

With a firm voice she said, see in PhD  – ‘YOU SHOULD BE VERY FOCUSSED.’  I nodded my head in affirmation.

Every conversation with her becomes a learning experience for me. I can’t explain how grateful I feel for the connection with her. Simply amazing!

Body language

I said, Chalo ek chocolate do mujhe.

Her face squeezed, smile on her face dropped suddenly. And her eyes conveyed everything which her actions weren’t.

I interrupted, hey leave it. I was joking. Keep them, you bought it for him.

Then with all the failed effort to look normal she said, ‘Nahi uske liye dusri le aaungi!’

I said it,we can eat it anytime. Keep them in the fridge for him.

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