Express love everyday

Never ever hesitate to express your love. And I’m not only talking about romantic love but the love for people who make our life simple. Everyday.

Don’t rely on eyes to pass the message or don’t depend on telepathy to connect.

Just  show up!

Express your love. We don’t need to decorate our words with big filmy dialogues, even simple words work wonders when they come from the heart for the person.

Say love you to the green grass, flowers, sky, Mom, Dad, brother, sister, friend, spouse, bird, uncle, aunty, God, teacher. Never ever keep it inside, let it flow in the form of words.

Prayer for the abundance and strength

I don’t find 500/- rupee note in my purse. I certainly remember it  was there but it’s not now in the evening.

Before I identified this, I asked one of my close friend to bring the wallet. I didn’t told her about this because she may take it otherwise.

God, please bless the one (whosoever has found or taken) with abundance, peace and happiness.

And give me  the strength to take utmost care of the money which I receive after 30 days of laborious and mental hard work.

Take up one thing

Take up one thing, and give everything to that one particular thing everyday.

You will find that after a certain period of continuity it has become your second nature , it has become the part of your lifestyle.

Take up any single thing like – Walking
Physical fitness
Healthy eating

Just begin, start super small and stick to it every day. Witness growth and rise in confidence with every passing day!

I chose Physical fitness for this year 2015. It’s the first thing which I do early in the morning. Everytime I invest time on my body I feel proud, confident, healthy and happy of myself.