Spiritual essence

As we learn to spend time with our ownselves, as we become one with the silence every day, as we invest time in fostering relationship with our own being in meditation – we experience an uplift in our spiritual essence.

We begin to see the world around and within us in two ways either alive or dead.

Whenever we come across people, animals, birds, trees, grass, insect or any living entity our whole focus goes in sharing a  drop of aliveness with him/her.

Death is certain- of you, me and us. So, why not share some aliveness with each other through love, appreciation, care and laughter!

4 thoughts on “Spiritual essence

    1. Dear Nishthur,
      I play my part. Once done, step back! Thanks so much for all your time…I’m touched by all your support and acknowledgement 🙂 This motivates me to get better 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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