Reflection of light : get what you want!

How we see an object?
The science underneath is reflection of light from the object source.

Such an analogy can be applied to the philosophy of receiving (or getting) things you (we) desire.

Whatever you want start giving it. 

Allow the light of your desire fall onto people/ habits/routine/thinking which inturn will get reflected back to your ownself.

For example :

You want time, start giving time.
You want to learn some skill, start sharing or teaching some concepts.
You want love, start expressing love towards people and life.
You want more money, start spending on things that educate you on finanaces.
You want to be happy, make others (atleast one person) happy.
You want to live an inspired life, uplift people. Start appreciating them.

As my Coach and a wonderful friend Sukhi Longia (sir) says : Life starts with giving. So, give and life will reflect back Chappar Phaad ke in many unexpected ways!