Don’t Google search your lover

When you see your friends, younger brother-sisters and people around you are having a lover in their lives and you aren’t – don’t be in a hurry to ‘Google’ search for it.

Instead, cultivate immense love for the life which is available before you. Invest in your goals, in your health, in relationships with your family and in  taking everyday actions that will push you closer to your dreams.

Love this moment and the moments to come. And in loving your life you might meet the ‘life’ in someone!

A beautiful learning

My cousin sister received a ‘sage’ advice from someone that : Maths and Science are compulsory for a student (in 11th & 12th) if you wish to appear in any competitive exam.And she opted for PCM this month.

This news came to me last to last week, I  called her. And  told her to have her own experience on picking a subject by attending all the core subjects for couple of weeks.

She requested her class teacher to allow her to attend Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology and subjects from Commerce. And today, she called me. I could sense the difference in her voice, she was confident and happy.

She elaborately described how she felt when she attended various subjects. And how her heart and mind collaborately signaled green lights to Commerce! She’s proud and content with her own decision.

From this little incident I re-learned and revised few things

1. When we impose, something dies in them. And when we allow them to think and experiment : they blossom!

2. The best advice we can give to others is : encourage them to take responsibility of their own life.

3. At the end of the day, peace matters!