How minimalism flows in our lives

Minimalism is not a new concept.(And don’t ever relate it with deprivation.) It’s just a follow through or an after effect of being joyous and content in (/with) the present moment.

That means if we are living ‘here’ and thinking of ‘here’ (and not worried about being there): we would be focusing on our current lifestyle, goals, plans, relationships, job, assignments etc.

However, we stay here and think of either the past or worried about the future. In this way, we skip-don’t notice the moment, resources, opportunities, people available to us. We don’t have time to notice things which lifts us and the things which drags us!
That means if we train our minds to be present in the NOW  – (mind  will still wander) for  most of the time we can learn to differentiate between things that bring peace and the things that turn us into pieces!

How to be present in the present : Here are few simple and practical ways that have helped me to be more present

1. Daily exercise, walk, sports, dance or any physical activity helps us to minimize the traffic of thoughts in our mind and relieves accumulated stress. And make us mindless(or mindful ;-))

2. Writing a gratitude journal or cultivating the habit of thankfulness for everthing brings awareness of the moment before us.

3. Spending couple of minutes closer to nature ( on the bank of a river, on a terrace or in the garden etc) once-twice a week helps us to connect with oursleves.

The deeper we listen to ourselves the better we learn and know about ourselves,about the things that distract us, about our dreams, about our likes and dislikes, about our lifestyle,about the things we need to learn and about the things we need to unlearn and from there on we can differentiate-declutter-dispose off the unwanted (stuff, thinking, relationships, habits, technology etc) and pick up which enhances the quality of our present! However, the list of unwanted things can differ from people to people as per their present conditions. Like for eg. when I’m in my research lab – smart phone is an unwanted stuff for me so I keep it switched off or in a silent but for someone else it may be a prime stuff.

And this is how minimalism flows in our lives : by being present.


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