Let’s send our healing vibrations

Let’s pray for all the effected ones due to earth quake in Nepal and parts of India.

Let’s send our healing vibrations to all of those.


Free ebook : Gift to my amazing fellow bloggers as a token of gratitude

The journey of blogging is been possible because of your support, love and blessings my fellow bloggers. You are the one who created such a wonderful environment of learning, sharing and growing together. My new small e-book, which I published recently on kindle is a token of gratitude to all of you dear creators.

Please click the link below or (click on the cover photo) and download it for free. Enjoy!

Unpopular Route – For a Peaceful Life

The book is about installing and updating the peace app in our smart mind every day, in an unpopular way. The seven essays written here, reflect on the – cultivation of habits, melody of silence, discovering an obscure artist and on creating a harmonious relationship with ourselves and with the world.

Cover Page