An ordinary realization

Eating when hungry. And enjoying every bite of it without playing with our cell phones in between.

Watching out of the window. Observing the space betwen the buildings, trees, clouds, sun rays. And soaking in the beauty of the nature.

Picking up one book. Reading page by page, slowly. Taking a pause in between to think and take a note of some of the sentences in our journal.

Taking a walk early in the morning, exchanging smiles with the fellow travelers. Slowing down to listen to the melodious group discussion of birds.

Knocking the door, asking for the permission to talk to a dear one. Discussing the matters which create conflict in the relation, talking elaborately over things which frustrates him/her (and me). A difficult conversation does simplifies and heals the wounds.

I’ve realised that when we are deeply ordinary, we become stunningly extraordinary!


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