The symptoms of highly desperate People

The blog post is an extension of my deeply ordinary observation about the lives around me – The symptoms or habits of highly desperate People.

So, here it goes :

1. They post what’s on their  mind and hit a self-super-like on it.

2. They create a blog and self-subscribe it. Wow! One follower added!

3. Their last seen on watsapp was to see the last seen of all the 100+ contacts!

4. They don’t eat food, they eat thoughts!

5. They hit unfollow or unlike, if you didn’t  follow or like their blog or social media page.

6. They travel to new places not to refresh but to find different  backgrounds and locations for their profile pictures.

7. It’s neither the person nor the coffee, but the status updation at starbucks gives pleasure to them.

8. During their tough and low moments, they are busy in  searching for a perfect sad quote!

9. They work day and night to impress every one!

10. They are fully loaded with emotional issues.

11. They do a heavy workout one day and then check their body weight on the rest of the days.