Travel and know yourself

Travel. And you discover the hidden talents, receive great insights and know about your likes and dislikes.

Traveling to a new place reveals things which you were unaware about yourself till now!

Don’t ask –  ‘why or how’. Just do a little experiment.

Go to a place which is nearest to your place of stay for a day or two. Catch the bus or book a ticket or walk miles or ask for a lift. Visit the place, observe the people, soak in the new culture, taste the traditional food, look at the sky. Count the trees which pass by!

In all of this, something will move inside you. Do share with me the shift!

Communication without words

Land up on the place where your medium of communication is different from that of the local people.

All your acting skills will be tested and you will learn that meaningful communication can happen without words too!

Smile, affectionate touch, tears of joy, love, laughter, greetings and peace : remains the same!