Weekend reflection

I have been reflecting on the  power of NOW in crafting our future.

And here’s what I found :

1. All we have is : This moment.

2. How we utilise the ‘present moment’ is dependent on the clarity of our vision or short term goal or a long term goal.

3. The clearer the image of your ‘future self’, the finer the actions in the present.

4. ‘WHAT’ preceeds ‘HOW’. And to find your ‘what you want to do’ – begin with small- short term goal.

5. Future is not in our hands. But we have the power to direct our present in the direction of our future.

6. The experiences and opinions of the past influence our present, but the thoughts, opinions and our outlook towards life gets better with time.So, if we failed in performing certain things it doesn’t means we can’t be a success NOW.

7. Everything. Changes. With. Time. So don’t stick to one belief system or routine or plans or place or dream. Be open and move with the awareness that : Things happen on their own.

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