Focusing one by one

I decided to focus on three things this year and after a month I found it difficult to manage all of them (i.e walking, meditation and technical writing ) in a one go!

I’ve been very consistent in  walking.

I meditated but not on a regular basis, once or twice in a week.

I haven’t practised a single page technical write up this month, only written few articles which my guide told me.

In all I have been religiously continuous and joyfully involved in cultivating one habit of daily walking. So, I have decided to switch to ‘One’ mode.

I ‘ll be giving my full attention, availability in developing one habit and then when my body gets well integrated with it (atleast 100 days), I will work on other two, one by one.


Walking towards the weakness (or fear)

Think of one weakness (or a fear) which is hindering your growth.

Accept it fully, that yes it is my weakness or it is this which makes me uncomfortable.

For the next 100 days take the smallest step towards it. Face it, even if for a couple of seconds, every day.

These super small victories will lift your confidence and take your life to a different dimension.

Finding the theme of my life

From the last couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on the theme of my life.

What should be the centre?

What should be the dot in a circle of my life?

What should be the core which balances the periphery of my life?

And today, the answer embraced me in a silence. My whole being felt unchained, joyous and relaxed after receiving the reply.

The theme of my life is :  Quietitude – Peace – Serenity – harmony.

Whenever I am silent from within, I am available hundred percent (closer to 100)  to the present moment.

How this Quietitude, Peacefulness will come?

1. By leaving, removing, deleting things, habits, contacts, routine, choices which pull me in the past.

2. By doing few things, which matter most in the present.

3. By speaking less, listening more.

4. Spending time in nature.