Soak and come out fresh

Soak in the music, let the body swirl with the rhythm for couple of minutes.

~ An inexpensive and simple approach to refresh mental desktop and cleanse the heart center.♥♥

Notice to know the nature

We need is to be honest with the ordinariness which rests in us. This is what is called extraOrdinary!

And for that we need to continuously practice the art of being present in the present!

We need to learn, cultivate and acquire the habit of noticing the environment inside and outside of us. The more we know ourselves, the better we become in managing and prioritizing things.

People Story

People don’t value, appreciate and accept the place where they are placed, may it be an academic institution or a company.

When people crib, blame and  complain about their surroundings they block the vision of possibilities and creative development in them.

This is the major cause of suffering and depression in them.