My dashboard

The theme, widgets and the features that we choose are in sync with the core message of the blog

Similarly is with our lives!

The theme, the plugins, the features and the blog are analogous to habits, choices, preferences and daily chores which reflect the core message of our life.

How should be the dashboard of your life ? What is it that you pick to do, not for the sake of some xyz goals or outcome but for a deeper life experience!

I have been reflecting on the above mentioned questions from past couple of months and here’s what I have come up with –

My dashboard includes:

1. Walking
2. Silence
3. Japa
4. Writing
5. Healthy food
6. Utility internet
7. Interaction and compassionate gatherings.
8. Learn, research and explore
9. humor and laughter
10. Photography
11. Accepting every flavor of life with deep gratitude.

What’s up on your dashboard?