Live Streaming

Today is my 26th birthday. Birthday vaali happiness to me!

I am lying on my bed covering a thick blanket. In this dark silent wintry night, lot of things are going through my mind.

Among all of them the dominant ones are of my parents. They have done so much for me, at every step. And I feel so much humbled,  grateful and blessed to be a part of them.

Another thought popping up is of death. In the end we all are going to die. The thought that one day, me, my parents and dear ones will leave this world has threatened me suddenly! I can even sense the abrupt modification in the rythm of heart beats!

Next thought rising up is about the resolutions which I took this year, and how I have failed drastically in most of them!

I am ending this post here, nindiyaa raani has arrived!

Good night dear all ♡


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