Only matter doesn’t matters

Having an interest doesn’t work in today’s competitive world.

One has to move beyond the interest, one has to show the proof of his/her willingness, sincerety, attention, study and research he/she did in the area of his/her interests.

Only having a matter doesn’t matters, deep study and ground work furthers our love towards our field of interests.

Squeezing follows Expansion

The world will squeeze our heart not once, not twice but million times!

And it’s going to hurt terribly.

Whole body will be burdened, mental space will be cluttered with toxic thoughts and heart will suffer the shrinkage!

Heart never breaks, it Squeezes- compresses and shrinks down!

And it’s essential otherwise how can we learn the art of being a little more compassionte, affectionate, sensitive towards life.

Squeezing is important to understand and realize the value of expansion, abundance and gratitude that every moment holds with it!

Writing urge

I am not a writer, though there was a time when I labelled myself as a writer. But after deep reflection, rumination and experimentation over more than a year or so  – I removed this tag from my name!

I write. And I write only when I get a writing urge!

A kind of writing chuski or kasshh or a writing orgasm! 😉

When I receive a writing urge, I don’t care about anything other than transferring the data from the inner chamber onto a white space!

Without any delay,I jump on to writing. No matter where I am – In a College bus or having a morning walk or in the mid night or in the middle of a conversation etc.

I open wordpress app on my smart phone and start tickling the alphabets! It’s such a wonder and beauty to give expressions to the inner feelings in  the form of notes.

It’s been almost a month, I have been writing continuously on this blog and this has no doubt induced mental clarity, stability and peace.

And I am going to continue with the habit of journaling life long.