Change is about small actions

Yesterday, I went to see Bengali Durga Pooja’ (one of the sacred festive season in India). There were stalls of different ‘Indian cuisins’. People, after eating were throwing plates, bottles, wrappers on the floor. And I even found few who were criticizing the arrangements and the unavailability of dustbins near eating stalls!

In between, I preferred a cup of icecream and after eating it, I ‘chose’ to keep the empty cup and wrapper in my bag. After walking towards the ‘Durga Pandal’ (place of Goddess Durga) for praying one more time, I found the dustbin! I dumped empty ice cream cup and its wrapper into it.

The purpose of sharing this small incident is not to brag about myself but to press upon the ‘power of small actions’

I often hear ‘BIG things’ from people arround me. But Change never happens with long essays or speeches, All it requires is intention and small action.


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