The cheapest tool for self-development

Writing is a wonderful tool for self-improvement and personality development.

Writing what’s bubbling inside immediately in as much detail as possible leads to –

1. Assembling of all the scattered ideas or perceptions or problems, or beliefs or plans or creativity at one place.
2. Transfer of traffic of thoughts from mental space onto writing space, leading to reduction of anxiety and mental clutter.
3. Arrangement of insights, observations and interactions on a piece of paper, resulting in less confusion.

Cultivating the habit of writing every day ‘something’ improves our thinking, widens our vision and strengthens our decision making process.

So, Just write. Write in a hand made journal or on a piece of paper or on a thin note pad or on a free blog.

Don’t worry about how you write,what you write or in which language you write.Don’t even stress upon writing something meaningful, write meaningless but write.

After effects of writing
Writing helps us to –
Know ourselves better
Figure out the things
Enhance our imaginitve power
Clears our vision


3 thoughts on “The cheapest tool for self-development

    1. Dear thenovelist,
      Thanks you so much for dropping by.
      Glad to hear about your published books. Congratulations! Thank you for inspiring all of us here πŸ™‚


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