Turn towards them

It’s always challenging to talk and discuss things  in detail which makes us uncomfortable.

Like :

*The conflicts we had with people in the past,

*Situations where we reacted very badly,

*People we ignored deliberately,

*Time when we broke up

*Circumstances that propelled us to escape in the middle

The list goes on and on.

The problem enters when we shut the doors of possibilities. We turn away from people, situations and circumstances when they make us feel bad, unworthy and uncomfortable about ourselves and others. But when we turn towards them with an open heart and mind we can initiate the discussion, talk about it and share our own understandings!

Conversation allows the leakage of  ‘accumulated negative emotions -rigid opinions and judgements’ from the mental system, which makes us feel unburdened.

It’s not necessary that dialogue will lead to conclusion, but it will sure  lead us to an understanding of saying ‘Let go’ to all that happened!


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