No Peace, No life

When there is peace in mind, there is love in heart.

When there is love in heart, there is creativity in actions.

When there is creativity in actions, there is abundance in life.


Dearest life, I am available now!

Dearest Life,

In the past, I have loaded you with heavy baggages of –

1. Extra emotions
2. Negative toxic thoughts
3. People grudges
4. Arithmetic series of complains
5. Dependency
6. Unhealthy Junk food
7. Over expenditures.
8. Virtual socializing addictions.

I know, I have taken you for granted on most of the occassions. And I have realized that even if I wasn’t available, you were always there to show me the way!

Thank You so much for breathing life into me, every moment.

I assure you that from now onwards my every step, no matter how ridiculously small it may seem, will be in the direction of making a ‘simplified and lighter’ You!

The whole effort of mine is to walk with You, hand in hand; embracing and accepting every thing that comes in the way!

Gratitude and Love. Always.♡

Present is a Gift

We may have lost so much in the past but we can create in this present may be not the same, but some thing fresh and different!

– An idea, an effort, an approach, an expression, a meeting, a contact, a plan, a project etc.

This moment has so much in it and yet we have cultivated the habit of revisiting the dead past.

Present welcomes us with  unlimited possibilities, then why waste it in thinking about that which has gone or worrying about the time which has not arrived!

Let’s embrace the NOW and allow it to unfold its mystery!