Dearest life, I am available now!

Dearest Life,

In the past, I have loaded you with heavy baggages of –

1. Extra emotions
2. Negative toxic thoughts
3. People grudges
4. Arithmetic series of complains
5. Dependency
6. Unhealthy Junk food
7. Over expenditures.
8. Virtual socializing addictions.

I know, I have taken you for granted on most of the occassions. And I have realized that even if I wasn’t available, you were always there to show me the way!

Thank You so much for breathing life into me, every moment.

I assure you that from now onwards my every step, no matter how ridiculously small it may seem, will be in the direction of making a ‘simplified and lighter’ You!

The whole effort of mine is to walk with You, hand in hand; embracing and accepting every thing that comes in the way!

Gratitude and Love. Always.♡