The beginning of a Peaceful life

If our hands are shaking, how can we hold the things  properly!

Similarly if our mind is shaking, how can we face the life challenges calmly!

For a radical lifestyle change –  Be aware of the sources which disturb your mind. Take a note of habits which clutter your mind.

As we become more aware of the junk which leads to ‘piece’ of our mind, Peace will enter our lives.

Life  changes when our mind is stable, peaceful and clutter-free.


Hey Ya!

Today I was having a long conversation with myself 😀 I love that you know! 😉 Just me and my ‘awaaraa thoughts’ (kyunki aur koi jhel nahi sakta naa!)

And then I asked myself what kind of life do I want? A question that I always asks myself from time to time to keep a check on my flickering belief system. And the answer that echoed within me was –

Prefer ‘Ye Tara Vo Tara‘ life over ‘Tattad Tattad

When I vision my life :

I see myself waking up early in the morning without alarm. Sipping  luke warm water slowly. And walking in the nature (or forest) mindfully for hours and meditating near the rivers.

I vision myself getting up early for the sake of love towards this wonderful morning, and not for the sake of just getting up and rush for some kinda of Job!

When I vision my life :

I see myself praying under the open sky for this life. Opening my mind, heart and body for the sake of being receptive to the unknown every day, every moment.

I vision myself getting down for the sake of gratitude and not for the sake of asking xyz from God!

When I vision my life :

I see myself traveling different parts of the world. Walking on the mother Earth, lightly and affectionately. Connecting with people, looking into their eyes and touching their hearts.

I vision myself traveling across different parts of the world for the sake of embracing the beauty around and not for sake of taking vacations.

When I vision my life :

I see myself eating healthy food, tasting each and every flavor of it, not for the sake of being fit and fine but for caressing my body.

And during this visualizing game I realized that what I vision my life to be – it’s already present here! All what I vision is very much available in this present moment.

I witness myself living a simple-open-loving-joyous journey.