Detached to even update about it

Earlier, when I used to begin with anything new – A new habit or a new project or a new philosophy or a new lifestyle or a new resolution or a new job or a new idea.I cultivated the urge to update about it.

I used to spread the news that ‘hey! look I am doing something new’ to everyone – from family to friends. And even update about it on social media platforms.

But few months ago one incident changed this attitude of ‘telling everyone’ about what I am doing.

It happened on a Monday morning when I was going upstairs for taking my lecture (Ist year engineering) in the college and a student of final year (7th semester) came to me. I taught this student in the third year (5th semester). He requested me to take one subject in the final year!

He further told me that he enjoyed my teaching, understood the concepts well. And so he pleaded me to teach in the final semester also. I was amazed at his request.  I felt thankful at that moment for doing my work nicely. I told him that there are many experienced faculties which are taking your classes and if you still have any problem or doubts you can contact me, we can try to solve it.

This little incident changed my attitude of ‘being loud’ about my accomplishments and achievements.

This small interaction with the student made me understood one thing- We touch the world more deeply when we are silent and anonymous.

When we are detached to even update about what we are doing we do the most.

When we don’t care to post about how we are feeling we feel the most.

When we disconnect with the thoughts of becoming something some day, we connect and create the most in the present moment.


Simplex method

To teach is simple, than being a Teacher.

To write is simple, than being a Writer.

To speak is simple, than being a Speaker.

To paint is simple, than being a Painter.

To compose is simple, than being a Composer.

To read is simple, than being a Reader.

To research is simple, than being a Researcher.

To love is simple, than being a Lover.

Every time we try hard to attain a renowned position in society we forget the joy in the journey. Most of our energy in drained in pleasing and achieving that particular ‘label’

Enjoy the ‘in action’. Be the doing. Don’t wait for the Perfection. Be a work in progress and enjoy every bit of it.

There’s nothing wrong being a ____er! But the journey should be joyful.

 And yes to blog is simple, than being a blogger.

Seeing the unseen

I was unaware of her life history.I didn’t knew her family background, religion, date of birth, financial status, relationship status. I was unknown about her name and surname too.

We were strangers, sitting in the park at a distance. She didn’t noticed me that I am seeing her! (or may be she…). We didn’t exchanged smiles. We didn’t had any conversation or chat.

I didn’t knew what was going in her mind.But still I could sense how she was feeling..!

There are moments, tiny moments in our daily life where we can’t figure out what the other person is thinking. But we can surely understand how s/he is feeling.

Isn’t it Powerful?

I think it’s a gift which allows us to be more sensitive and compassionate not only towards people but  also towards nature, animals and birds.

Unfrozen Opinions

The problem is not in having opinions, but in bookmarking those opinions forever in your heart. The trouble lies in selecting opinions about yourself and others and saving them in your mental folder for life long.

Freezing, locking the opinions about anything burdens you

With time, everything changes.

Our behavior, Choices, Thinking Patterns, Priorities, Daily chores, People, Places, Job, dreams, Goals, Tensions, Joys, Habits, Personality. Everything keeps changing. And so are our opinions and outlook about all of these! Don’t stick. Don’t hold onto opinions tightly. Let them come, embrace them but also also allow them to move out of your life’s inbox so that there is a space for the NEW.

Have Opinions about yourself and others. But don’t freeze them!