When reading becomes dangerous

Earlier I had a habit of reading lot of blog posts, articles and random notes on various topics on internet. I even trapped myself in liking every page, e-magazine and following every celebrity on social media.

And then there was a total disturbance in my life.

I became too much attached with the suggestions, advices, steps, quotes, thoughts and manifestos updated by people (bloggers, writers, motivational speakers, educators, celebrities, experts) about various aspects of life. The problem was not in their guidelines, the trouble was in the way I was dealing with their ‘stuffs’ after reading it.

Reading is good. But the urge to follow the guidelines and the excitement to achieve the ‘same results’ as that experienced by them – made me a short term thinker. This cultivated the habit of trying all the things simultaneously, which lead to scattering of focus.

One of my biggest learning of this Year 2014 is :

Even if our destinations are same, even if our end goal is same – it’s not essential that our journey should the follow the same path.

We can travel in our own ways, we can taste different flavors, we can have our own failures, we can make our own mistakes, we can learn from different sources, we can change our attitudes on the way, we can have different academic backgrounds, we can understand different languages.

Reading is the best medicine, only when it opens our heart and mind for the unknown. And reading becomes dangerous when it blocks our own thinking process, inquiry, experimentation and creative side.