Not hungry, be content

The great motivational speakers say : be hungry. Until and unless we are not hungry we will not achieve what we want. The motivators focus on developing the hunger. They instill restlessness to go behind your wants.

But do we really need to be hungry?

I mean, I have asked this question to myself a lot and even experimented this belief of being hungry and foolish many times, repeatedly! But in the end what I have received is – more hunger, more dissatisfaction, more comparisons and more anxiety.

In the past couple of months I experimented with the opposite – being content and simple instead of being hungry and foolish. Every day, in every moment I worked on reminding myself that – This Is It. I accepted things the way they turned (instead of what I desired to be).

And this practice of contentment started shifting my inner environment from chaos to calmness. The level of confusion, anxiety, dependency and attachment to my so called dreams lessened down in past 5-6 months.

I have experienced that being hungry and foolish made me more inclined towards future. And being content, grateful, simple and meditative shifted me closer to the present.

By being content – I actually started loving my present condition, my present self. And this is essential to open the gates, doors and windows of limited beliefs, to invite the child like wonder in our life.


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