Happiness is a byproduct of our lifestyle.


Being woman

From childhood to the day I got married, I never realized the difference between being a man – and being a woman.

I experienced the enormous (infact infinite) energy and power a woman has in every aspect (be it handling the house chores, professional matters, sensitive issues, children and many more).

A woman is like a science, she can either create a wonderful world (be it a living place or working place) or can destroy the very place.

Now, I understand the importance of an educated, internally strong and open minded woman.

My heart holds a great respect for those who have helped women to realize their potential and channelized their energy in nurturing healthy environment in and around themselves.

Do you contradict yourself ?

Do you contradict  yourself? 

Yes, I do! 

I contradict myself on many things I believed in my past. I find, with time, I no longer believe on them. In fact, I have cultivated new beliefs over the period of time. 

And it’s perfectly okay to arrive at new viewpoints about things and dropping the old opinions! 🙂